Bottlecaps to Benches
9United is excited to relaunch the Bottlecaps to Benches, a  student-led district wide initiative, for the second year. This project, developed last year after two 9United student leaders learned about an organization, Green Tree Plastics that turns plastics caps and lids into benches, tables, and more.  
This program will allow our students and families to recycle caps and lids into park benches. Through a partnership with Anderson Park District, 9United has been asked to collect enough plastic caps to have 2 benches made for the new Johnson Park on Bridle Road. To accomplish this goal, we need to collect 400 plastic bottle caps and lids.  

Start saving your caps and lids and send them to school with students; bins can be found in the cafeteria and front hallways of all Forest Hills School buildings. 
Learn more about this project and get a list of acceptable caps and lids at


Playground Upgrades | Bottlecaps to Benches

Sherwood has partnered with 9United’s Bottlecap to Benches project for our Playground Upgrades.

Love participating in service projects that you can do with your kids?  

Join us and sign up today to volunteer on Saturday, October 12 at Cherry Grove United Methodist Church from 3-5 pm to sort bottlecaps that will help create 4 new benches near our playground.  


What a great way to get your entire family involved in the Playground Upgrade Project and promote Taking Care of the Environment right here at Sherwood.


SAVE THOSE BOTTLECAPS – you can drop off your plastic battlecaps in the front office starting 
Monday, September 23 – Friday, October 11 for this project.




We are so excited about the success of our Birthday Bundle initiative that began last June! Most of us take our birthday cake for granted and don't realize that many kids in our area aren't able to have one. 

We decided to partner with St. Joe's Orphanage to give their kids something sweet on their special day.

Thanks to generous donations last year we have been able to supply roughly 120 of their children with ingredients to bake their own birthday cake, and a gift card to Target or Walmart to choose a birthday gift last year - and we are hoping to help all of them celebrate AGAIN this year - but we need your help!

Please learn more about this initiative & how you can donate ingredients by clicking on the sign up below.