Sherwood Archer Families,



As a parent/guardian of a Sherwood student, you are a member of the PTO community.  And what a great community to be a part of!


The Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) is comprised of parents and teachers in the Sherwood community.

PTO’s main goal is to provide additional learning opportunities for our children, support the staff/teachers at Sherwood and create fun events for the children and your entire family.


PTO is not an exclusive group.  It’s not just for the stay-at-home parents.  It’s not a group of party planners.  And it is not just for parents that can give hours of volunteer time.


IT IS a group of parents and teachers that believe in the importance of education & the additional opportunities that we can provide to our children for them to excel in life.

As parents, we all have many responsibilities and only so much time to give each day. As a member of the Sherwood community, we look forward to finding ways that you can share your time, talent or treasures that work with your schedule. 

I’m a true believer that “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  So we would love your support as a proud parent at Sherwood.


Want to stay connected and invest into our children’s educational experience – then support the PTO! 

For $15 you can be a supporting PTO member with the following benefits:

  • Access to the Sherwood Elementary online directory
  • Timely communication on what’s happening at Sherwood
  • Sense of pride for your investment into the children at Sherwood through events, field trips & fun activities


As a parent, I want the best for my kids as I know you do too.  Sherwood is a very special place where we have the opportunity to take care of others while having fun.

We look forward to a wonderful year together – Go Archers!


Stacy Gillard

PTO President